Should I Sell My Home Now?

Housing Market Graph - Should I sell my home now?

As a real estate agent I get asked from sellers “When is the best time to sell my home? The answer can vary depending on circumstances. Do you need to move for a job? Then the answer is yes unless you wish to rent until prices stabilize and you can get what you need out of your home.

If you wish to upsize to a larger home then it is a great time to sell and move up to something larger while the interest rates are still low.

There are also variables like where are interest rates headed? Should I wait to sell when prices go higher? How high are prices going to go? What if I sell now and I could of sold for more if I waited?

Here are some reasons to get you off the fence to sell NOW!

1. The Demand is Skyrocketing!


The housing market tends to be the hottest between April and June. Most buyers who are serious know this and start early to “beat the rush” so to speak and to hopefully avoid being in a multiple offer situation, spending more than they anticipated.  Many have been waiting all winter due to the extreme weather  and were waiting to look during warmer weather. Many buyers are looking now to find a home to transition families so they are moving right when school is out and are ready for the new year in a new school district.

The market in our area is “HOT”. There are many multiple offer situations. While the top two things that sell a home quickly such as price and location has not changed, it is important to get our homes ready to sell as there is quite a bit of competition.

Many buyers coming to the area are purchasing cash. They are moving from areas with higher taxes or frigid cold temperatures and are ready, willing and able to buy . . .NOW!

2. There is less competition for NOW!


More homes are put on the market between spring and early summer each year. Since the market is finally at a point where sellers who were previously unable to sell due to negative equity, they are placing their homes on the market to move to a new home. Over the past few months our prices have increased over last year. Many homeowners who were waiting for this shift will be placing their home on the market in the near future.

The more choices a buyer has, the slower they are to make a decision. Don’t wait until your neighbor puts their property on the market to list yours. Be the first one to market yours and get it sold before the competition.

3. This is the Best Time to Move Up!


Remember when “The Jeffersons” sang “Movin on Up to the East Side?” Buyers are wanting to move up to a larger home, a different community. Their dream home. When prices were low many sellers could not sell, and put aside their dream of owning the home they want to have a family in, or retire. Now since they can sell their home and afford a new loan with low interest, they are looking again.

Our luxury home market is doing better than it has in years.  Homes in the $200,000 – $300,000 price range are selling quickly and are demanding top dollar many times through multiple offer scenarios.

Don’t delay hoping a better time comes along. The time is NOW! The market is healthy if it has six months worth of inventory. We are working with less than six months which means it is quickly becoming a “seller’s market”.

If you are thinking about selling, give me a call. Let me show you what your market is doing and how I can showcase your home to it’s greatest potential.  Don’t delay –Call today!


Don’t loose money waiting on a better time!

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