Yes Virginia . . . There Is a Santa Claus!

Wouldn’t a New Home Be A Great Christmas Gift?

Log Home in Western North CarolinaHome Ownership Out Of Reach?

For many people it has been a tough past couple of years and along with this has come a belief that the American dream of home ownership is out of reach. Several years ago there was a first time home buyer’s $8000 credit to help with achieving this dream for many. This assisted would-be homebuyers with downpayment assistance or money for repairs and upgrades. Many felt with this type of assistance gone they cannot buy a home at this time.

Why Buy Now?

This is such a wonderful time to buy a home. Home prices are more affordable than ever and interest rates are historically low. You can buy for less in many cases than you can rent. Therefore all of the money you are currently spending on rent can be used for an investment in your future. Buy buying low, you can many times have instant equity in the home.

What Is Available for Me?

There are many programs available to assist in this endeavor. There are several downpayment assistance programs at the state and federal levels. There is also a local one. There are income guidelines to many of these programs, and I would be happy to link you up with several banks in our area that deal with these programs to see if you qualify.

Along with downpayment assistance types of programs, there are a couple of good loan programs out there such as USDA 100% financing loans, and FHA which is 96.5% financing. With combining downpayment assistance with different loans you can many times qualify for a little more home for the same payment.

What if I have bad credit?

Have you had your credit checked lately?  It is not too late to get started on getting your finances in order to purchase a home. The first step is to meet with a financial counselor to determine the best path. Sometimes it is a matter of just paying off a few bills. It may take six months to a year to get credit repairs but it is an obtainable goal. If you never start working on it, your circumstances will never change. On Track financial counseling is a great place to start in working towards your goal.

I would be happy to sit down and discuss the options of home ownership with you and what your goals and dreams are and help you make Home Ownership a reality, sooner instead of later.

Santa Claus
Yes Virginia . . . There is a Santa Claus and I want to assist him in helping YOU get into a home of your own. It’s never too late!







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