Have You Been Served?

Statue of Lady serving up towelsHow many times have you been at a restaurant of any establishment which has someone to perform a service and you have either been impressed or not? 

While at a friend’s home I saw this statue and it made me think about service. I have heard over the past few years that we need to go back to “old school” when it comes to service. Back before cell phones, color TV’s and so many choices of indoor entertainment, there was time to do things outside of your own home.  Do you remember “barn raisings” or have you heard of them.? The generation now has been described as the “me” generation and not focused on serving others.  I know as parents we work to instill the value of service to others, but as our children become adults they make decisions for themselves and we hope we did a good job.

It is such a pleasure to see the values we instill show up in our children. Sometimes it takes years to see this show up as I am sure we all remember being teenagers and really it is about “us” isn’t it?  We worry about anything and everything that has to do with us, our looks, our speech, how we fit in.  So be patient, as it still could end up seeing little glimpses of what we taught through time. We turned out O.K. right? And weren’t we teenagers once?

If you are impressed by a person or a business do you tell them? Or do you just say something if the service is not good?  Good servants do not ask for praise, but they are truly the ones that deserve it.  If you thank someone for doing a good job don’t you think they do an even better job next time?  So many times we dwell on the negative instead of the positive.  If we gave out more positive than negative, the world would be a better place.  Have you ever heard you get more flies with honey than with vinegar?  Well, I don’t think any of us want more flies (except they do serve their purpose too) but the theory still applies.  Give a nice compliment instead of negative ones and you will get better service.

Sometimes we need to look at ourselves first.  Did the attitude come from us? Have we walked a mile in their shoes?  Did they have something bad happen before work that day but still came in anyway and tried to put on a smile and treat you right?  If we take our eyes off ourselves sometimes we find the world is a nicer place.

One of the stories that is so great for me in Real Estate (which has been paraphrased),  is the one where a person asks how is the neighborhood they are looking in.  When the agent asks them how it was where they lives they said the neighbors were not very nice, they had a lot of backbiting and no one did anything for anyone else. They did not like it there. The agent told them it would be the same in this neighborhood.

The second buyer asked the same question and when asked what their neighborhood was like where they live now, they stated how great it was, the neighbors were friendly, it was fun, beautiful and they loved living there.  The agent responded” then you will love it here too.”

Do you look at the world as a half empty glass or a half full glass? Does it make a difference in your life? I’d like to know.

I take service very seriously and would love to take the opportunity to show you what I can do for you as a buyer or seller.

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This blog was written by Sandra LoCastro (www.sandra.exitasheville.com)

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