Changing of the Guards!

Bird with babies in nestSpring is such a wonderful time of the year and as I look out my home office window I see new growth.  I see lovely plants and wonderful little creatures, such as ground squirrels, wild turkeys, squirrels and birds, of many different varieties.  This is the time of year when many animals have their babies.  I love seeing the lovely birds watching over the tiny babies and sunning from the tree branches.  It reminds me of home ownership.

Parents raise their children with the intention they will teach them all the wonderful lessons they need to be successful on their own.  Animals do the same for their babies, teach them to care for themselves so when no parent is around they can perform all of the tasks needed of them to survive.

When buying a home, it is something we hope to mold into our own, like clay. Add our finishing touches and enjoy life there.  We make a house a home with all we add to it. When we sell a home for whatever reason, to move up, to downsize, moving for a job, we give up that peice of ourselves to share with another family in hopes of fulfilling their dream while looking forward to our own dream of a new home in a new place, a fresh start, a changing of the guards so to speak.  When we hand over the keys at the closing table, the new family takes over the guard of that home, with a dream of their own. 

Home ownership is different for everyone.  It is wonderful to see a family get the home they are excited about.  It is sometimes a process from beginning to end, but in the end the joy expressed on the faces and in the hearts of those buying can’t be described in words.  It radiates a room.  I could not be happier helping others get to this place in their lives.

For those selling, it is sometimes hard to give up that “special” place.  No one thinks that someone else can care for the home like they did and give it the love and attention that they did.  But we need to let it go and hope that new family can enjoy it as much as you did.  Let them create their own memories, and you move on to create your new ones.  You have left the home ready for them to start anew.  And the home you have bought is waiting for you to mold into your own, and create your new memories.  I’d love to help you create those new memories.

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