Graduation – It’s All About Learning

Graduation picture - Cap and DiplomaMost of us are so excited to graduate, whether it be from college or from high school or elementary school for that matter.  We hopefully have obtained some knowledge through this experience which will help us in our life decisions, but does it?

Of course it does, the important thing to remember is that life itself is about learning.  We should never stop learning, whether it is taking classes, reading books or asking someone to teach us a new skill.  It makes life challenging, fun and positive.  Without continuing to learn, we grow stagnant. There have been many studies done about what learning does to ward off Alzheimer’s disease.  I think if any of us had the choice we would not choose to have this debilitating disease.

Try something you have always wanted to do, like singing lessons, piano lessons, guitar, learning pottery, studying birds or plants. Wherever you live this should not be a problem, and if you live in Asheville or nearby there are so many choices of amazing things to do and learn.  In more remote areas there is also the local library, the internet, YouTube videos, and local groups that you can find through local newspapers or flyers at local establishments.

Asheville and the surrounding areas also have special classes just for the Senior Citizens.  There is a great program at UNCA – College for Seniors.  I have heard rave reviews from a few of my friends who have attended and some people planning to retire move near Asheville to attend.

You don’t always have to make money with what you learn. As a matter of fact, sometimes when you change what you enjoy to income producing it takes the fun out of it.  So live a little, learn new things. Seek out others who inspire you and ask them what they do to make their lives so well rounded.  It can make those school of hard knock learning experiences a whole lot more fun.

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