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Hot Pink Rhododendron

Hot Pink Rhododendron

I love the gifts in life that keep on giving. For the past few days I have had the pleasure to enjoy beautiful azaleas, rhododendron and roses. I have been able to enjoy them for years. Why? I don’t really like to get cut flowers for holidays. Yes the thought is nice and I give them to those who love them, but they are so short lived. I prefer practical gifts and one for me is a flower in a pot. So most birthdays and for Mother’s Day I get an Azalea – “Christina” is one of my favorites, or a rose bush or a rhododendron. I have also gotten one hydrangea which is now over 5 hydrangea bushes. This has been going on for years so now I have quite a beautiful entourage of beautiful flowers to enjoy from April or May until August or September each day. It is always changing but always beautiful. It is so nice to still get to bask in the beauty that the earth can bring us and have memories of where and when the gifts came from.

O.K. I will admit I still do like a little craft supplies from time to time, but as you know it gives back in cards and gifts. Get out there and bask in the beauty before us and plant some flowers!

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